Morin Khuur “The Horsehead Fiddle” Teaser

Childhood friends are united by a horse passed on between them as a prize after a wrestling match at Naadam Games. Years later, as adults, their nomadic community faces an urgent water shortage and their beloved horse falls ill from digesting plastic. Confronted by recent droughts at a community meeting, it emerges how differently they evaluate the problem. Batu is a man of tradition and status-quo who decides the solution as always in the past is to dig a new well. Dovchin considers the worsening impact of climate change upon their livelihood, requiring a different way of thinking with a longer term solution. Ultimately a job offer in the city lures Dovchin’s family away, but not before he creates a transformative gift for Batu out of the fallen horse who bound them together.


“BOUNDARIES” is a short film about borders: geographic, psychological, and spiritual. The film explores these boundaries within self, decoding the refugee crisis by probing questions of trust, prejudice, and fear that invoke the culprit in another, different and unknown. Lead actors are children, from Bosnia and Iran cast in a refugee border camp. The story follows a border policeman’s son and a refugee boy who intersect in the forest over a lost kite. After a skirmish, the kite breaks and children overcome challenges and differences to construct a new kite.
Juxtaposed is their parent’s search to find them, which unveils suspicion, buried fear, and surfaces with an unexpected bloody note.

          A White Horse For Batavia Mood Teaser

“A White Horse For Batavia” is our current feature film in production, based on the real story of Beno Sternlicht. The film is set at beginning of WWII and follows Beno, a young boy and his adventures as a refugee escaping Poland and ending up in India over three-years on the run. The latter part of the film intersects and relates Beno’s story with a contemporary refugee boy, Adnan, from Syria and his journeys to Germany. Themes include displacement, interconnectivity, tolerance and human behavior.