ABOUT EYESPOT FILMS

Eyespot Films is an independent film, TV and online content company focusing on stories that intersect the boundaries between documentary and fiction. Our mission is to create personal, relevant, cinematic and engaging stories. Our projects encourage a discourse between commerce, content, and art.

Formed in 2004 and based in New York and Berlin, the organization aims to produce impactful stories exploring contemporary socio-environmental topics. We are a full service production company with a network of specializations that offer customized products specified to a wide scope of client needs. We work alongside filmmakers, brands, networks, agencies, educators, schools, and designers to produce work that promotes balance.


                                     ABOUT JOSHUA STERNLICHT

Joshua Sternlicht is the founder of Eyespot Films. His background as professional filmmaker and educator informs a unique understanding how storytelling and intention are intertwined. He holds an MA in visual art education from New York University and a BA in Film Studies at Columbia University. His background as a Polish-American enriches his international perspective having studied and worked in the United States, Czech Republic, Philippines, China and Germany. Joshua is credited with international award-winning feature films including
‘20,000 Cycles’ inspired by Nikola Tesla and ‘Fool in a Bubble’ featuring South African apartheid poet/musician Syd Kitchen. He was also selected as a VII agency photographer and is a Kodak Filmmakers Award recipient.

Joshua is an experienced IB Film, Photography, and Media Studies educator and a certified film workshop presenter with over ten years of experience. He moderates and curates student film festivals, film camps, student internships and media related travel experiences. Joshua remains focused to educate, mentor, support, coordinate and empower youth. Additionally, he is a climate change activist and supporter of environmental innovations. As a charter member of Charity: Water,
he helped to educate youth about the benefits of climate, water and energy action.